A little bit about the Tiny Familiars

Tiny Familiars is an ongoing NFT project created by Chiara Moreni and Jose Canizares.

The magic of our creatures is the result of a long and caring process: we design, sculpt and paint them one by one so that every single one of them is special and has a unique personality.

In the process of creating them our main values are art and quality. Our end goal is to create a universe of unique and adorable familiars that you have never seen before!

Tiny Fox 1

Meet Our Family

Family 1: Tiny Lizards

Family 1: Tiny Lizards

Tiny Lizards is our very first collection and it was released in January 2022. It is composed of 44 extremely cute lizards who found a home very fast! However, you can still adopt one as some summoners are currently willing to trade their own in the secondary market.

Family 2: Tiny Foxes

Family 2: Tiny Foxes

Tiny Foxes is our second collection composed of 144 magical familiars, it has been released in June 2022 and it’s currently sold out. You can find some of them available on the secondary market.

Family 3: ???

Family 3

We will reveal our third collection when the Tiny Foxes are here.

Family 4: ???

Family 4

We will reveal our fourth collection in good time.

Family 5: Tiny Dragons

Family 5

We want our fifth collection to be extraordinary, that’s why we have already established that it will be a family of the most adorable tiny dragons you have ever seen. We will also aim for a 4 digit numbers collection, as long as the quality of the art is not affected.

1/1s: Fantastic Familiars

1/1s collection

The rarest and the most extraordinary familiars.

The Road Map

Growing the family

We are planning to initially release 5 Tiny Familiars’ families.

Tiny Lizards public sale took place in January 2022, Tiny Foxes has been released in May 2022 and our third collection is currently under development and it will be released at the end of 2022/beginning 2023. Stay tuned for more updates!

Fantastic familiars... and where to find them!

We will launch our 1/1 collection on Foundation in Summer 2022. We will auction extremely special familiars and exclusive 3D miniatures will come alongside them.

Real life familiars

We are looking to bring our Tiny Familiars into real life: Exhibitions, 3D miniatures, Stickers, Mugs... These are all things that you can expect to happen in the near future.

Airdrops and giveaways

Familiars collectors will receive special airdrops and all our community will have the opportunity to join giveaway contests in our discord.

Community building

Community means everything to us and our aim is to create a safe space where artists and collectors can meet and support each other in a friendly environment. In addition, after the sale of each Tiny Familiars family we plan to invest on talented emerging artists that we admire.

Expanding the universe of tiny familiars

We are currently writing the setting and lore of these magical creatures and their beloved summoners. Be ready to discover a living world riddled with magic and adventures in which you can immerse yourself in.

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We have a friendly and active community and we would love to meet you. Drop into our discord for a chat or follow us on twitter to see what we're up to.

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