Making Of

Tiny Familiars is an ongoing project organised into "Families". Once each family is sold out, we will summon the next one!

These NFTs are not generative: we sculpt and paint them in 3D, individually, with lots of love.

So far we plan to release 4 small families, and a 5th extended one (Tiny Dragons). Our end goal is to create a universe of unique and adorable familiars that you have never seen before.

In this space you will explore our creative process, from the very early sketches till the final refined pieces.

Tiny Lizards

Tiny Lizards is our very first collection and it was released in January 2022. It is composed of 44 extremely cute lizards who found a home very fast! However, you can still adopt one, as some summoners are currently willing to trade their own in the secondary market.

The Tiny Lizard Family

From The Elements


All tiny familiars are associated with an element (Earth, Fire, Water, Air).

And Magical Artefacts


The Magical Artefacts are 4 elemental stones that have been raffled amount the Tiny Familiars collectors.

These allow them to summon a Legendary Lizard and earn a whitelist slot for the next collection.

Tiny Lizards - Special Airdrops

Legends were born...

Fire LegendaryEarth LegendaryWater LegendaryAir Legendary

The making of the Legendary Lizards - our very first sketches

The Legendary Lizards

Summoning the 4 Legendary Lizards - the final 3D models.

2D AirDrops

Fire AirdropEarth AirdropWater AirdropAir Airdrop

Our 2D airdrops for all the collectors of our Tiny Lizards

Baby Lizard

Baby Lizard

Baby Lizard - a very special airdrop for all our early supporters

Nemo Lizard

Nemo Lizard

Nemo Lizard - realised for our "draw this in your style" art contest. The prizes for the winners included the original Nemo Lizard; NFT + 4 whitelist slots for Tiny Foxes.

Tiny Foxes

Tiny Foxes is our second collection and was released in June 2022. It is composed of 144 magical foxes which are waiting to establish a special bond with their own summoners!

Tiny Fox turnaround

Tiny Fox Turnaround

Character explorations

Character Exploration Sketches

Establishing the patterns and colours

Fox patterns and colours 1Fox patterns and colours 2Fox patterns and colours 3

The Final Collection

The Tiny Foxes Family

Tiny Foxes - Special Airdrops

The Legendary Foxes

Tiny Axolotl

Tiny Axolotl

Tiny Fizard

Tiny Fizard

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We have a friendly and active community and we would love to meet you. Drop into our discord for a chat or follow us on twitter to see what we're up to.

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